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The intention is to implement a "Gastro-Wine" restaurant/bar in a pre-existing building with structural, physical and functional constraints, and a very low budget. 
Space is totally empty lacking decoration and identity,  there is an excess of the sun coming inside the space, and there is no shelve space to show and place the wines. 

Our proposal aims to solve the existing problems, unifying the entire space and creating a welcoming environment with an identity of its own, using just one design element.
Inspired in the pallet shape,  the element created not only solve the existing sunlight problem but also create the storage and showroom for the wines, at same time provide the identity of the interior space. 
In a simple, effective and economical way, we hope to be able to characterize this space and convey a welcoming feeling to those who will work and use it as clients.

TYPE: Interiors
CLIENT: Private
DESIGN: Carlos Franco
SIZE: 110m2
LOCATION: Galé - Albufeira
STATUS: Completed
YEAR: 2017


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