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In the age where waste from mass consumption is increasing every day and governments are investing millions in the reeducation of the population to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we decided to introduce an idea to a major 
company, that would help in the reduction of their ecologic footprint, at the same time that they would reconnect with the costumers directly bringing the awareness of the 3Rs. 


The idea was to get a "capsule-holder" printed in the espresso machine box, with some instructions, so the buyer could reuse the box to do its own capsule display. This would give some interaction between the product and the customer but also would make the customer aware of the importance of reducing, reuse and recycle.

TYPE: Idea
CLIENT: Delta Cafés
DESIGN: Carlos Franco
SIZE: 20cm2
LOCATION: Portugal
STATUS: Completed
YEAR: 2013

STEP 1.jpg
STEP 2.jpg
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