The aim of this project was to create a public space where the people can have a refuge from the traffic and from all the stress of the city. At the same time one accessible place where people can be sheltered and enjoy nature on a regular basis. 
The construction is a hybrid solution that merges the vegetation in the structure. In one hand it makes a great connection between the intervention and the near green spaces, and on the other hand, it provokes a big contrast with all the other buildings nearby. This vertical element functions as a green visual mark in the city, that can be easily identified without interfering negatively in the city’s skyline.

This structure will provide spaces like a restaurant cafe, an exhibit hall as a memorial from the transition to the democracy and balconies that offer great views to the Nile river and above all city.

TYPE: Competition
DESIGN: Carlos Franco, Hélio Boto, Ricardo Nascimento
SIZE: >500m2
LOCATION: Cairo - Egypt
YEAR: 2012


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