OOAC is an Open Online Academy, with over 1,500 members all over the world, promoting an open-source collaboration between all of the members to design a Resilient School for Guiuan Philippines. After the Yolanda typhoon, most part of the constructions where destroyed. The fact of the area is hit by typhoons almost every year, demands for a new approach on the future constructions. The new buildings need to be resilient, sustainable and easy to set in place, promoting a healthy environment and protection for the local people in case of a typhoon.
The project that we develop tried to respond to all of these needs, also ensuring a great environment for students to learn. This collaborative open source project has been a great and innovative experience, using the best of the new technologies on communication, and the best of the knowledge from all the participants, together with the coordination from great professors and architects.

TYPE: Open Source Competition
CLIENT: Open Online Academy
DESIGN: Carlos Franco, Barbara Lantschner, Daryna Futorna, Riccardo Lovatini, Caroline Sampaio, Christine Philips, Jason Keller
SIZE: >1000m2
LOCATION: Guiuan - Phillipines
STATUS: Awarded Idea (2º place)
YEAR: 2014


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