Largo do Intendente is a small square that for many years was associated with junkies and prostitution, the municipality wants to regenerate the whole area and has already started it.

In the present, there are a lot of music events in the area, and some artist ateliers are beginning to pop-up in the surrounding buildings.
Our idea was to develop a simple modular structure that could grow in different sizes and shapes and would bring a new identity every day to the place. The structure would be located in the main entrance of the largo, this way it would work as a landmark and at the same time help contain the Largo inside space, dividing it from the main avenue. This structure would provide a bike parking, a kids playground, a place to sit and an artist exhibition support. During music events, sponsored boxes could fill the structure and be taken by people to place them on the Largo as a sitting spot.

TYPE: Competition
CLIENT: Fab Lab Lisboa
DESIGN: Carlos Franco, Ilona Wieska
SIZE: 60m2
LOCATION: Largo do Intendente - Lisboa
YEAR: 2014



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