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Lofty is a flexible, easily-deployable shelter that seeks to address the problems inherent with difficult to reach areas, lack of tools and uneven terrain that can plague human relief efforts in emergency situations.
The idea is that the shelter can be deployed by airplane in unreachable areas, be transported by trucks or even carried by hand, being already 90% assembled during transportation. 
Its raised pyramid shape allows the shelter to be adapted on any kind of terrain, even uneven or wetlands, and generates a cool shadow underneath that can be used as gathering space. The raised individual pods provide a sense of security.
Made mainly of fabric with bamboo light structure of 4 poles and nylon mesh that holds the piece together and double as a bed, Lofty is an innovative type of shelter that can bring help where it is needed most.

TYPE: Competition
CLIENT: "Future of Shade" by Sunbrella
DESIGN: Carlos Franco
SIZE: 9m2
LOCATION: Albufeira
YEAR: 2016


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