“The strip" in Albufeira is one of the most known and frequented streets by tourists during the summer season. With an extension of 600 meters full of bars, restaurants, discotheques, strip clubs and shops, it is a bohemian place more directed to the nightlife. 
It was commissioned a transformation of a small shop to a bar located in this street, keeping in mind that the bar should not just work during the summer season, but all the year for tourists and residents. 
The idea was to create a functional space that would have a strong identity and would be flexible enough to shift from a night dance bar to a quiet day cafe. This was achieved just by adding simple volumes and LED lights located in specific areas with different height and rotations. All the rest of the pieces were done locally and there were reused more than 80 wood pallets for their composition.

TYPE: Interiors
CLIENT: Private
DESIGN: Carlos Franco
SIZE: 68m2
LOCATION: Oura - Albufeira
STATUS: Completed
YEAR: 2015

Partners: AlGharbWoodworks, Serralharia Maravalhas


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