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The city is located in a valley, between the Prisavlje river and the south side of the mount Medvednica. The urban grid of the city is composed by a majority of regular blocks, residential or mixed-use, where the public space is defined by its external limits, and the private space exists in the interior of this blocks. Most part of the city is flat, this way the perception of the public space for those who walk through is limited by the existing blocks, and only change when they achieve some open area like a park, the river, the mountain, or the exterior limits of the city. 
Our formal intentions for Badelblock came from this study and comprehension, translated in a new urban topography that intends to be an analogy to the geomorphology of the Zagreb landscape, generating an increased dynamism for those who walk through and live in the space. This landscape recreation offers new features for the public and for the residents of the new Badelblock. This new artificial form seeks to get an organic image in opposition to the functionalist and austere existing image of the surroundings.

TYPE: Competition
CLIENT: Office for Strategic Planning and Development of Zagreb
DESIGN: Carlos Franco, Hélio Boto, Ricardo Nascimento
SIZE: >500m2
LOCATION: Zagreb - Croatia
YEAR: 2012

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